Our Story

Trinity Business Group “Trinity” is a family owned, privately held holding company which includes a diverse portfolio of wholly owned businesses throughout the Southeast. Our always active growth comes primarily from a hands-on approach to managing existing assets in the Trinity portfolio as well as the acquisition of existing businesses, building of ground up developments, and the creation of new startups.

Trinity was founded by Sid and Billie Brian as an idea of planting something with a strong enough root system and base to support multiple generations interested in being driven stewards of the growth that’s already taken place and the opportunities it may present. Most “family businesses” tend to focus in one industry and are challenged with aligning the business interest with that of individual family members, regardless of the family members’ interest and skill set.

Trinity, on the other hand, is structured to promote family members and key management to seek out their own interest and strengths by selectively investing in multiple industries. As opportunities arise, Trinity steps in to provide support, all the way from analyzing and negotiating on the front end to financing and ongoing administrative support once a business is acquired or created.

Success Factors

Creative Development Strategy

Our team has the ability to recognize unique opportunities as they present themselves, and to organize the best team to capitalize on them.

Smart & Strategic

Methodical planning and strict due diligence has allowed for much of our investing success.

Disciplined Asset

Unbelievably dedicated management has given us the confidence to successfully venture into new areas while becoming industry leaders at the same time.